Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Virginally yours

These are exciting times for the young, particularly when you are between the ages of 14 and 19. Why so? Because:
  1. You are not old enough to earn your keep, but you can get part time jobs that will fund your toys (read top of the line handphones, etc.)

  2. You are not old enough to have a family of your own - you know, husband/wife, kids and the dog - but you are obliged to experiment - and hope you won't start one.

  3. If hope doesn't hold out, you can't announce to your parents that you have lost your virginity, but that doesn't stop you from telling the rest of the world this fact through those 'for your eyes ony' video of you having sex with your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Virgin of QuitoThere are certain things about you that you might want to keep, particularly those things that you can have only once in a lifetime. When it is lost, it can never be recovered, not EVER. One of these is one's virginity. However, today, being a virgin is odd, undesirable even. Instead of admiration, you'd be ridiculed for being one, like what Donald Trump did to one of the project managers on his show last week. Of course, Trump is no paragon of virtue himself, nor does he pretend to be one. But I wonder about a person's value of self-worth when that person feels that he/she must measure up to those of a flawed individual's.

There will always be peer pressure. The measure of your maturity is not to boast that you have lost your virginity before 19, or that you have filmed yourself having sex. Rather, it is to love yourself enough not to succumb to tempations at the spur of the moment. Keep your head on and don't loose those marbles!


Mr Wang Says So said...

Hi there! In case you did not know it, your post on Rajaratnam was mentioned in the Today newspaper.

Epilogos said...

Yes Mr Wang, I noticed, although I must say I was surprised Miyagi found the blog. I haven't been publicising this blog much. This blog is actually a 'breakaway' blog from my original as I felt that that blog was becoming unfocused - a little bit of everything - kiamchye, you know.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me.