Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Spreading the election goodies

Day dreamThe goodies from the incumbent government never stop flowing, it seems. Pasir-Ris Punggol GRC has just announced a billion dollar package that will see improvements to this giant constituency over the next 5 years. Why 5 years? I leave you to speculate. But at the rate and quantum that goodies are being introduced all round the island, we may as well have elections every year. Yes, you didn't read wrong, its every year. Why so? Well, if you spread $1 billion over 5 years (which is what is being proposed anyway), that'll be $200 million every year for just one constituency. That's already a very generous carrot to hook the voters, right?

There are other benefits. One, this will ensure that every eligible citizen will have a greater chance of voting at least once within the 5 years, since there are 5 chances now (hmmm... this is beginning to sound like a lucky draw). Politicians, both incumbents and those from the opposition, will have greater opportunities to hone their electoral and political skills. Third, politicians will need to be close to their constituents (or potential ones) more often, instead of surfacing only once every 5 years, so constituents will be better served.

As far as cost is concerned, we needn't worry. An election period can be as short as 2 weeks, which can become the norm with annual elections. Flyers can be re-cycled, or printed ahead of time to lower printing costs. Now, 2 weeks out of 52 is not disruptive at all, especially when it allows politicians to get up close and personal with the voters.

But of course, this is just me day dreaming....

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