Thursday, March 09, 2006

International Women's Say

Int'l Womens Day8th March was International Women's day. I skipped most of the pages in Today that day. There was simply so many pages devoted to women and women issues. No, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against women. Two of the people I love most are women - my wife and my mother. So I am happy that women get a day to declare and celebrate their womenhood.

But I was riled this morning when I read a provocative article in Today (9 March 2006 page 28) where a women lambasted all men for being, well, men. In this article, she declares that men cannot tell the difference between love and sex, that men want to feel they are capable providers, that men view their wives as trophies,that men must be the centre of attention and that men must be made to feel important. There isn't a single kind thing to say about men, as if all men are the scum of the earth. I don't know what this tells me about her marital status. If she is not married, well, a dog is probably a much much better alternative. After all, couples are already adopting dogs in preference to making human babies nowadays. On the other hand, if she is already married, well, good luck - to the husband I mean.

As they say, the truth often lies somewhere in the middle. Yes, some men are cads, some are sex-fiends, rapists, molesters, and child abusers. But you will agree with me that these do not define all men. Similarly, not every women is chaste and innocent - there are the rotten apples among them too.

So let's not play this blame game everytime one party gets lauded. It hasn't got to be a zero-sum game. Men and women can get along very well, outside as well as within the marriage bond. Otherwise, this will be a dreadful world to live in indeed.

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