Monday, March 06, 2006

Blood on the innocent

Bloodied handsI cannot understand it. I just cannot. What would a 2 year-old girl have done to deserve death? Kidnap maybe - for being valuable to loving parents, a scolding even for being naughty, but death for a girl who may yet have uttered a full and intelligible sentence to offend anyone? Yet this is the fate of a 2 year-old girl found dead, possibly murdered, near Circuit Road where she lived and was reported to have disappeared. That's where a relative of mine lives.

When the story broke last week, I was puzzled how a 2 year-old girl could have gone missing so fast, and even incredulous that she may have crawled all the way to Bedok from Aljunied. But that was what desparate people were doing to look for the girl. We now know that she was likely murdered by none other than her step-father, a twenty-something delivery man. What led him to do such as thing? I cannot imagine. Now that he has been apprehended by the police, the truth will come out soon enough. The country waits with bated breadth the revelation of the truth behind this sad sad event.

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