Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fright train - the Zombies

A China national playing
Chinese Chess with his
companion in a very crowded train
This is an all too common sight on the subway trains nowadays. Not only do you have to contend with the crowd, you also need to contend with a crowd which is oblivious of the crowd. Why so? When you have commuters glued to their videos, and music, and games on their *pads and phones, you know you are beginning to witness a zombie nation. A place where people are becoming impersonal and insensitive. I am sure if somebody committed a crime in the train, most will be non-plussed. They'd probably glance up, look around and then just go back to their movies or games. How sad that people don't want to look at each other anymore, not that that makes them more gracious and sensitive as a people. Yes, some people don't like to be looked at, though I wonder why they even dress up anyway if this were the case. Some people, when they see an old lady in need of a seat, would just stare for a moment and then go straight back to their gadgets. I wonder sometimes, if they would recognise their own mothers standing next to them in the train and vice versa the son/daughter. And that's not all. These zombie-like creatures continue in their virtual worlds when they disembark, walk to the escalator, and onto the travellator, and then into the next connecting train. It is a wonder that they find their way home everyday, without fail. But then, that's the perfect description of a zombie, isn't it?

But I must be fair. All is not lost. There are the occasional kid who gets up the moment they see someone in need of a seat. And some, bless their souls, even offered me a seat just because they see a few more strands of white hair on my head, or the wrinkles that have become quite pronounced over time on my face. At least, that's why I think they think I am elderly probably in need of crutches all too soon. I am not yet that old, but the gesture is much much appreciated. There is hope yet.