Tuesday, March 07, 2006

$2,200 reward

SoccernomicsAgu Casmir is now reportedly paid $2,200 a month for his services as a soccer player for Woodlands Wellington. He is 21 this year. Now, who in Singapore at that age except an extremely small number of wage earners take home $2,200 + CPF? Plus match bonuses, the effective take home pay can be much higher. What we are not told is if WW is providing fringe benefits like rent-free, or at least subsidised, housing and other allowances such as those for travelling, equipment, medical, etc.

Is he very hard up? Is that punishment? Naah...So Agu is a very $ortunate man. He should feel deeply indebted, bound even, to play excellent soccer for WW from now on.

The biggest question remains: What if Agu does not deliver? Heck, what can WW do then except fire him? Can they ask Agu to pay back all those money that WW is throwing now to rescue him? I fear he would have spent all of it by then. Somehow, this sounds familiar, doesn't it?

But then, let's not judge him too early. Let's give him a chance, as WW is doing so now. Let's hope WW is right. Anyway, they've put money where their mouth is, so that's a credit to them.

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