Tuesday, February 28, 2006

A ball of a discipline

PunishmentToday (28th Feb 2006) reported that the erstwhile missing Singapore footballer, Agu Casmir, has been fined $20,000, banned from playing for Singapore and had his pay from his new club, Woodlands Wellington, docked by $2,000 for 10 months while the club re-pays the US$20,000 (S$32,438) sign-on fee (which Agu has already spent) to the Indonesia football club, Persija. If this is punishment for going AWOL for a month, breaking your promises to a club you willingly signed for, spending their money and betraying your adopted country, I would be over the moon.

"These suckers. I'd just have to shed a few tears as icing and all will be forgotten", he'd say.

Consider the punishment:
  1. $20,000 fine - can easily be paid off with the salary he'd earn at his new club

  2. Banned from national soccer games - greatest loser: Singapore, for not being able to use his services (after giving him citizenship so easily). Greatest beneficiary: Woodlands Wellington, his new club, which will enjoy uninterrupted services from their new signing.

  3. US$20,000 debt re-paid for him - hey, somebody actually sponsored his delinquency

  4. Docked $2,000 for 10 months = $20,000 total - "Hey thanks, Woodlands Wellington, for subsidising my debt to Persijia. Too bad the US$ is only 1.62 to S$ now. Next time I sign on for another foreign club, I'd remember to ask for more sign on fee", I imagine he'd say.

Further, by limiting his contract period, Agu plans to get out of this mess EARLIER rather than later if he had signed on for 2 years.

"This is a great country for football. I'd get some of my buddies in my country to come over asap", I hear him snigger.

Something is wrong with the people who administer Singapore football.

Compare this to National Coach Avramovic's action: he kicks two good players off his team for breaking curfew one lousy night...

There is a smell of favouritism in the air...

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