Friday, February 24, 2006

Singapore Video Girl

Video CellphoneA Singapore Girl has gained some sort of international notoreity in the past few days and search engines have been working overtime on the phrase "Tammynyp" or "Tammy Nyp" or just simply "Tammy". No, this Singapore girl doesn't fly on planes though I suspect that right now, she just wants to 'fly away' and be forgotten. She probably isn't even past 20 years old, belongs to a local Polytechnic - Nanyang Polytechnic, to be exact, and her claim to fame is over a video she shot with her male partner showing them having sex. According to the word spreading around, its a full ten minute video, and contains both straight and crooked sex, if one can use these words.

The thing that takes the cake must be that the video was shot using a mobile/cellphone phone. So not only has the video been uploaded to the internet, where it has gained a worldwide interest (it is offered on eBay, although I don't know why as it is available FOC on the World Wide Web), it is also doing the rounds from cellphone to cellphone. I know this because some Singapore students have been caught with the said video on their cellphones, which were transmitted to them from another cellphone, and another infinitum. In Singapore, these materials are considered pornographic and anyone in possession of pornography is violating the law. So if you are one of those in possession of this video in your cellphone or PC, erase it immediately before you are visited by the lawman in blue.

It used to be that porn was out of reach to the ordinary guy on the street as Playboy and Hustler are banned in Singapore. Heck, even their websites are restricted by the MDA. They still are, although its quite meaningless nowadays when you have locally produced first-hand porn 'drama'. What's more, its all free. Times - they are a'changin...(Dylan).

That said, there is raging debate whether to pity the girl or not (why not the guy at all, you wonder?). It looks like she was a willing party to the video shoot, so I can't see how anybody can sympathise with her. On the other hand, I feel that young and impressionable kids nowadays possess technology so sophisticated that, if used wrongly, will hurt them for a long time to come. So before any parent gives a top of the line cellphone to his/her child today, the parent must make sure to explain the consequences of its mis-use. Otherwise, the child will be sorry of the day they first received that cool gizmo called the cellphone - 3G no less.

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