Wednesday, September 09, 2015

WP leading in the election

Speaking in dialects appears to have been a favourite tactic in GE2015. The latest is Sun Xueling speaking in Hokkien. It was quite natural for Low Thia Khiang to speak in Teochew. He has been doing so from day one as a politician in his former ward of Hougang. The PAP candidates, who pride themselves for being different are meekly, no loudly, imitating the WP's Low. Who does the PAP want us to follow? Its leaders or WP? The PAP has capitulated to the WP, or more specifically, Mr Low Thia Khiang!

On another level, is the PAP disavowing the legacy of its founder, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, who launched the 'Speak Mandarin Campaign'? LKY argued that a multitude of dialects divided the country. LKY, and the PAP government were so successful that it destroyed a whole generation of Singaporeans' ability to speak in any other dialect except Mandarin. Is the PAP doing a  u-turn, admitting it had been wrong, or is it just being condescending?

Here is a list of instances of candidates speaking in dialects in GE2015 if you are interested in listening in:

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