Sunday, September 13, 2015

The PAP did not win

After a day of speaking to some people, conversing through WhatsApp, reading what is on the internet and listening to the broadcast media, I have come to the conclusion that the PAP did not win but rather the opposition parties lost. What convoluted logic, you might ask. If you didn't lose, it means you won, right?

Well consider this. Everybody that I encountered today plus those I gathered 3rd hand, told me that they did not want to vote for the PAP, but considering the quality of the alternative, they had no real choice. Many just voted for the less bad party, or some not at all - i.e. spoilt their votes. Better the devil you know than the devil you don't.

I believe there remains a deep underlying disenchantment with the PAP, despite the landslide, and the overwhelming votes in favor of the PAP has sent this sentiment deeper. That is why social media will remain highly critical of a PAP government because there remains the perception that the WP can do little in Parliament to make any difference. Mr Low Thia Khiang, WP leader, has made this point his clarion call for GE 2015. Unfortunately, few heeded his call.

So the party is not over, not on social media, not by a mile.


s y Tan said...

What a strange conclusion? 70% voted for PAP and it didn't win but the opposition lost. It this not the same? If the opposition lost, PAP won. I don't know how people can try to argue around on this.

s y Tan said...

What a strange conclusion. 69.9% voted for PAP and the opposition lost ground to the tune of some 5 - 6%. Going by your argument, the opposition lost. So PAP had won. There can be no going around the truth just to deny that PAP managed to claw back the ground it lost in 2011, although of course what will happen in the next GE no one knows

Anonymous said...

The PA received $340m in 2015 to spend vs $240m ie 51.3% increase to 'bond' the Sinkapooreans to the Govt (Govt=PAP or vis versa) More millions were spent ton SG50 celebrations financed by taxpayers. Sinkapooreans are enticed by freebies and goodies; they have no time for ideals and political fairplay. Sadly, abuse of people's money won the election for PAP.