Friday, September 04, 2015

A lion in the midst

Going by my armchair view of the hustings so far, it would appear that the mouse in the house is actually the ruling PAP. The Worker's Party looks like the lion capable of eating up the mouse in Bukit Batok (paraphrasing the WP). By all measure, its rally in Hougang on 2 Sep appears to have been very successful, certainly appearing to be the most well attended so far. People are just so tickled by the quotable (and may I add, intelligent) quotes that came out of the Hougang rally. At this stage, quote for quote, the WP has won hands down. Now keep an eye tonight in Nee Soon, where its next rally will be held.

Even with the local media typically behind them, the PAP has been relatively quiet. I suppose people don't need to attend their rallies because whatever they have to say they have already said in the past 4+ years they have been in power. The big carrots rolled out have been quite obvious in the last year or so. People are just not interested in seeing the PAP candidates praising themselves on stage in an election rally, I suppose.

I think people really want to hear what the WP want to say. Having been in Parliament and running town councils for 4+ years, their words seem more credible. People don't necessarily want regime change. And personally, I would rather that we follow the WP's script.

On the other hand, I am just sick and tired of K Shanmugam and his parrot, Khaw BW going on about WP's nefarious activities behind closed doors. It just so reminds me of an Indian fortune teller who would come around the place with a parrot in its cage. It would release the parrot to pick from a deck of cards to tell a fortune. This was when I lived in the Naval Base in the 1970s. I have always wondered what happened to that parrot. You know what? The Naval Base was part of the Sembawang Constituency. What a coincidence!

Well, coming back, I'd say, don't beat a dead horse deader already. It would appear that the PAP's highly paid Ministers have nothing else to beat. People would rather listen to what the WP is saying. Now go figure.


Anonymous said...

WP is coat riding on PAP. To a certain extent, since they do agree with a lot of PAP policies, they are the double faced PAP clones.

They are just happy to say the right things to differentiate themselves from PAP so as to gain greater power base but offers no real solutions to Sin's problems.

Anonymous said...

But the WP strategy seem to have worked. SDP is the anti-thesis of the PAP and look where it has got them so far? I think WP subscribe to China's paramount leader, the sage Deng Xiaoping: It doesn't matter if it is white cat or a black cat so long as it catches the mouse. Majulah WP!