Friday, September 11, 2015

Smoking polls

Went to the polling station this morning. This time around, the station is located in a HDB Pavilion - a sort of a roofed courtyard that is often either used for wedding receptions (a favourite of our Malay friends) or funerals (a favourite of our Chinese friends). There is no air-con but in the morning when I was there, it was quite comfortable except for the hazy atmosphere. No, not the one contributed by the Indonesians, the air was quite smoky, you can smell it in the air. It comes from the burn bin used to burn joss papers. It is, after all, still the 7th month. But I do pity the people who manned the polling station. They have nowhere else they can go to. And the pavilion is surrounded by apartment blocks thus obstructing any wind.

Perhaps in future, the people in charge can look into the welfare of our polling officers. It is ironic that this should happen at all as Singapore complains to the Indonesians but does not bother to look at itself.

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