Saturday, September 12, 2015

PAP GE2015 Tsunami

Without a doubt, a Tsunami swept through Singapore last night, trickling in after 9pm and then rolling in seemingly unexpectedly unstoppably as the night progressed. It was unabated even after midnight. The only respite came on a tiny bay that was protected by a barrier of rock called Hougang. The Tsunamic only subsided after Aljunied bay provided resistance, but only just. At the end of the day, the carnage was obvious. The PAP tsunamic had caused devastation that few had expected. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the PAP has scored a landslide victory in the GE 2015. It swept all constituencies except those that it did not already hold except one. And the victory was at hugely increased majorities, some going as high as 75%. 

Before voting closed, the PAP was biting its nails, but this proved wholly unnecessary as the night wore on. It began scratching its head, wondering if some miracle was taking place on a cool September night right in front of its eyes. Others were beginning to become sick, wondering what was happening to their bodies. "It was time to go to bed", they resigned. The noise they had anticipated wasn't likely to send them into cloud nine. The ship had come to harbour, safe and sound, spared the rocks that threatened to sink it.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, you have just witnessed a landslide victory of outsize proportion. LKY, wherever he is now, would have been very pleased and proud. The political party he founded is alive and well after half a century, regaining the support of most of the island's citizens. Ink will be spilt in the coming days and weeks reflecting on this extremely surprising phenomenon. It just goes to show that life throws you curve balls sometimes, and you don't know where it comes from nor how to catch it, unless you are seasoned enough.

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Gary said...

Religion, at least in the case of Christianity, has been
politicized by the PAP. Note the reports and pictures of
Goh Chok Tong with the 'magician' Pastor Kwong and
chain mail circulating via WhatsApp just before polling day
that explicitly accused the WP of support for the gay
movement. The cat is also out of the bag that it was the
work of the PAP IB which apparently has stoop to breaking
the law with such scare tactics targetting Christians.