Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Can you stand for this?

"I can't standz it no more", so said Popeye. My sentiment exactly, when I read of "Saint" Khaw Boon Wan's words regarding the ongoing problems that the WP has had with its accounts. The latest, of course, is the MND coming out, days before the General Election kicks off, about the WP 'overpaying' its contractor for town council services in Worker's Party held constituencies. He used the word "friends" when referring to the contractor, parroting K Shanmugam without much thought. The word is emotive and brings unsaid compliments or aspersions, as the case may be.

How did Mr Khaw come to the conclusion that FMSS bosses are WP's/Low Thai Khiang's friends? Because they work in the same office? Friends are whom you go out with, share with them your personal thoughts and feeling, help each other out when the need arises, rebuke them when they have done wrong, if only to get to back to the straight and narrow. These are examples of friends. So I don't know what mischief "Saint" Khaw was up to.

The best you can say about Low and FMSS Directors are that they are regular and perhaps trusted partner, but friends? Then again, I do not claim to know their exact relationship, but I feel that if there is a suspicion that a crime has been committed, then the police should be called in, or the CPIB at least. But no, these PAP bigwigs just want to throws stones from the side, to "ka'cheow" the WP. The law, well, it is irrelevant in this instance.

I have told those within hearing that if I were living in the Aljunied GRC, I'd vote WP at the drop of a hat, if only because I cannot stand some of these all-knowing self-serving, and frankly, thoughtless, PAP Ministers anymore. I hope that Aljunied GRC residents share my sentiments.

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