Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Virtually gone

How the mighty are fallen and Virtual Map's own prophecy fulfilled, as spelt out in its own corporate tag-line. This big bad bully must feel awfully 'lost without it' (i.e. its website and business). Now that it is no more (what's that you say, they are trying to come back from the dead?), it appears that the public has become aware of alternatives. So even if it comes back, I don't think people would be as dependent on it as it used to anymore. Which may explain why the company is now hedging on selling flowers and wine.

If it can't sell directions, it may as well sell smells. Smells probably is the same business, I suppose, in helping one with directions (flowers) of the more romantic kind, or lose it (wine). I just hope they don't mislead, which may lead to another round of law suites.

Also, I hope it won't go back to its old habit of suing people, this time for copying their flowers and wines. Otherwise God, the original creator and absolute copyright holder, might not be too happy. Then it won't be facing a 100lb SLA gorilla, but hell, where, I heard, there is no return to life, at all.

Is this the end of Virtual Map? I wouldn't hold my breadth if I were you.

p.s. I hope they don't sue me for using their corporate logo in this blog. I will cease and desist if they send me a lawyer letter. I am serious.

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