Sunday, April 20, 2008


What are the people who ran website doing anyway? Just last week, I had pointed to an article there that announced the millions of dollars set aside for biomedical research and development. When I checked back today, the page is gone. More than that, the entire site is gone too! According to Network Solutions (the hosting provider), " expired on 04/06/2008 and is pending renewal or deletion".

Are the people from biomed-singapore serious people at all? When you can't pay a couple of dollars to keep your site going, what is the use of promising to defray millions?  It may be that they are planning to move to a new site with a new URL. If so, they should have retained the old site with a redirection to the new site. They should at least keep the site live for 6 months, if not more. I am sure there are now many broken hyperlinks to that website.

Penny-pinching? Oversight? Carelessness? Neglect? Broke? These are words you don't want associated with an organisation that purportedly dishes our millions for R&D!

biomed-singapore missing

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