Monday, March 31, 2008

EZ Today

I didn't know that Today had a Reader (called EasyReader in version 2.9 BETA now) that one can install on the computer and used to retrieve its news stories. I have all along subscribed to its daily paper in electronic format via e-mail for the odd occasion when I forget to pick up a print copy, or when the print copies for that day run out. It is therefore nice to know that Mediacorp, Today's parent, is printing another 50,000 copies to meet the demand. Mediacorp is also saying that readers should turn to the online editions to get the daily news fix. EasyReader does make reader Today Online more easy and pleasant to read. Reading the e-mail copy can be a real chore, actually. For those planning to install the Reader, be warned that you need to really have your Microsoft O/S patched well to successfully have the Reader installed and running. This is really easy. Just go to Internet Explorer and do a Windows Update. I don't own a Mac, so I cannot say for sure, but the EasyReader is not supported on that platform. You also need to register with Today Online as the Reader will prompt for a userid and password to access the site. Registration for an account is free, for those not already in the know. The Reader is fairly responsive and it has some nice features such as allowing you to annotate the news or articles and to file a copy of a news story - features that costs an arm and a leg for pdf documents.

The only complaint I have with this version of Today Online is that it doesn't have the advertisements that comes with the print copy. You'd think that that would be a god-send as I wouldn't have to waste time flipping through those ads. But I ready find the ads in Today quite interesting and informative. So in spite of EasyReader, I would still want to get my hands on a print copy. Besides, I share this with another person, who doesn't use the computer all that often.

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