Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sans Power

One hour of total darkness on a Saturday night between 8 and 9pm? Called Earth Hour 2008, it is meant to create an awareness of global warming. That's great! It wouldn't be difficult for me to 'take part' because on most Saturdays between those hours, I am not home anyway. I'll probably be dining in a restaurant with the family - a ritual meant to bond the family. But wait a minute, what if the restaurant I dine in decides to join in this programme? Then I'll really be out of a meal as my wife doesn't cook on Saturday evenings. I thought this is to save on energy, not sap my energy at the same time and leave me famished. But of course, such an event requires planning.

First, buy a dine-in meal from Pizza Hut or McDonalds or KFC and have it delivered way before the hour. Otherwise, the delivery guy will surely get lost. Get the candles and matches ready. Make sure the matches work. Get out a board game - say, Monopoly, or Scrabble. These games force you to sit down for hours on end so you don't need to move around and knock over furniture in the darkness. Some would suggest powering up the PC Notebook on battery to do something more useful, but that is not in the spirit of the occasion. And make sure you empty your bowels way before hand too. You wouldn't want to have to start feeling your way to the loo to locate the bowl and...ok, I won't go into the specifics. And switch off your cellphone. Remember, fuel is burned to produce the electricity to charge your batteries in the first place. That'll get me through that hour. Moreover, this will get the kid off the PC for a change too.

No problem! Except don't have it on a night when MU plays Arsenal and preferably have it on a night when the mother-in-law plans to visit. That'll be dandy.

I am all for Earth Hour 2008! Really.

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