Friday, April 28, 2006

Off-side Elections

Drink don't driveBilly Bombers (see Today 27 April 2006) got their political parties all wrong for their house elections this year. Instead of political parties such as Cock and Bull, the parties that are contesting the elections are the Hammer, Rocket, Stars & Hoops, and Lightning parties. Unfortunately, no Asteroids appeared, so there will be straight fights. With the absence of crooked ones, the voting will be less colourful this time around. But guests now have enough of a choice. After all, they pay good money for a drink there and should be rewarded with more choices so that they are tipsy enough to vote for the party they truly fancy.

When all the voting is done, the gaiety of the night subsides and the results are tallied, it will be interesting to know if the people voted with their hearts, minds or *hic* their beers. Sorry chaps but I'll have another *hic* Tiger (Jessica Alba couldn't have said that better)...*hic*...and don't worry about driving after that. The police are all deployed for crowd control these couple of days at some tens of rallies around the island to bother about tipsy drivers.

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