Sunday, April 30, 2006

Election speak - 1

General Elections are about talking and persuading. So in the next week or so, there'll be lots of it. In the process, some will make brilliant speeches, other may utter nonsense and some will have freudain slips. Here, and in similarly titled blog entries over the next week or so, I will quote some quotable quotes from any and all candidates who make outstandingly ______ statements. You fill in the blanks based on your own opinion.

I have a lot of ideas. I have a dream like Martin Luther King did. I have a dream to make Singapore more democratic. Mr Syed Abu Bakar Alsagoff, 65

Dream on, Mr Syed, dream on...This must be the most un-original statement in these elections, so far.

If you have a flood, just carefully think who is more likely to get the drainage put right and have the flood alleviated as quickly as possible: A PAP candidate with links to the ministers and Prime Minister, or a non-PAP candidate who has become an MP, like in Potong Pasir or Hougang, and who has to manage on his own? Mr Lee Kuan Yew on Nomination Day 2006

Well, Sir, can you get your Ministers to look into the illegal parking of bicycles at the taxi stand in front of Compass Point. Its been like this for more than THREE years.

A "gan si dui" is better than a "pa si dui". Mr Low Thia Khiang on sending his young GRC team to contest PM Lee's GRC team in Ang Mo Kio GRC

Well said, Mr Low, well said. Failure is an option. Fear of failure is certainly not in the Worker's Party vocabulary. If they keep up this spirit, they may yet wrest a GRC or two someday. Why not on Saturday?

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