Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Finally - a day in court

NKF SagaIt has been 9 months since the furor over the NKF mis-use of funds issue exploded and blew up in the faces of many Singaporeans. There was a big outcry because many Singaporeans, including myself, and other generous foreigners living in Singapore then, had given their hard-earned money in good faith to an organisation that they believed was doing good. Well, yes, there were many who gave because of the lucky draw prizes, which included cars and condos, but they gave money nonetheless.

For 9 months, except for occasional mentions, news of NKF re-organisation and auditor's reports, nothing much seems to have happened. Granted, the NKF seems to be in better shape with good and steady hands now. The initial beying for blood has died down, probably because the police had taken over the case. Singaporeans trust our efficient and fair police force implicitly, so it was a sooner or later matter where people involved in any illegal action in the NKF mis-use of funds affair would have their day in court. That happened yesterday when 4 members of the former NKF council were arrested for questioning. Two of them had charges filed against them. I think for most of us, it is about time. But I cannot help wondering why it took all of 9 months to bring relatively straightforward charges against the perpetrators of the NKF fraud.

My naughty mind suggests that the powers that be must have felt it good politics if the charges are filed BEFORE the General Election, which will most likely be held in the next one month. This will probably take the sting out of the Opposition who have made known that they will raise the NKF issue as an example of the failure of the incumbent government in discovering the fraud, which could have protected the people. This is exacerbated by the fact that people in high places, linked to the government, were involved in supporting the NKF - and very publicly at that. Of course they committed no fraud, but there is always the inconvenient thing about guilt by association. And don't we all know that nobody can speculate nor comment on on-going court cases on pain of contempt of court charges.

Whatever the case, I am glad that this NKF saga will finally, though belatedly, see closure.

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