Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Let the Elections begin

In the past couple of days, many press space and air time has been given to the roll-out of PAP candidates for the coming General Election. I am beginning to feel nauseas from the space and the air time that the ST and Channel News Asia respectively has been giving to these events. Well, now SM has said that the GE is probably going to be held in the first or second week of May, though that is his best guess. I wonder, though, if it is at all necessary to carry on with the suspense over the timing of the GE. I don't see how it benefits the PAP. Instead, it disrupts people's plans for travel, for business and for pleasure. Unlike many countries, voting is compulsory in Singapore, so you need to plan to be around on polling day. Resentment can arise over this. Travel agencies must be cussing that people are holding back on their travel plans, the Progress Package notwithstanding. On the other hand, citizens just do not like to be led around, especially when these people will decide if any party stays around the next time around.

So I think the game has gone on for too long. Let the Elections begin!

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