Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Singapore bombs Indonesia

Such an headline would be explosive (pardon the pun) had it been factual. But it is a fact. Singapore, with a host of nations including Malaysia and Australia are carrying out bombing missions in Indonesia....water bombing, i.e. and at the invitation of Indonesia, no less.

Indonesia should have asked for this help a long time ago, but did not do so reportedly because it didn't want Singapore to take credit for any success in putting out the haze. As if Singapore can do miracles. I think the Indonesian government has a delusional belief of Singapore. Yes, it is the richest country in South-east Asia, going by per capita income, it prides itself as a clean and green city (now unfortunately shrouded in haze originating from the Indonesia islands of Sumatra and Kalimantan), and it often is the playground of the rich and famous, including those from Indonesia.

I hope that in future, for its own sake, and not by some misplaced worry of being up-ended, it would engage help earlier rather than later. It would help end everybody's misery earlier and help all of us to get on and get back with our lives and work (read economic activities).

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