Friday, February 29, 2008

The Great Toilet Escape

People like Mas Selamat Kastari shows the pain and cost that needs to be put in to keep the peace. People like him never seem to see the error of their ways. Although he has been incarcerated in Singapore for the last two years, and has had a lot of time to reflect on what he has done and perhaps turn back from the error of his ways. I am sure Muslim religious leaders must have been counseling him all this while, but apparently to no effect. Now, he has chosen to run away and likely back to his terrorist lifestyle. That's why people are wary of him, even afraid that he will set off a terrorist attack as revenge, which will surely take innocent lives.

Inexplicably, he managed to escape from his Whitely Road detention centre. That was when his relatives came a calling. Clearly, freedom is more important than his relatives. He knows he cannot run to them once he is free because he would like be recaptured. Singapore is a small island, smaller than even Bintan, where he was last apprehended by the Indonesian Authorities. And there aren't many forests or wide rural spaces for one to hide on the island. Wild fruits or food is not exactly in great abundance for a person to survive on for long, but then he may be a seasoned terrorist who has learnt to survive on less. Unfortunately, or fortunately for Mas, there are some secondary forested areas near Whitely for him to hide in.

The issues that vexes the authorities and many residents on the island is how he could have escaped in the first place. Granted, it may not be a maximum security detention centre, but given his record as the most wanted person, one would have expected stringent procedures to be in place or if in place, to be followed closely. Yet he gave these pros the slip. Heads may roll, but it wouldn't be Mas', at least, not yet.

Now is the time for all kay-poh Singaporeans and others on the island to be extra kay-poh. Report to the authorities if you spot anybody resembling him. And do it quick for obviously, if Mas is quick out of the toilet, he will be quick out of anywhere.

Look out for the man in these photos!


Anonymous said...

This incident also raises the question why ISA was used in the past against people like Francis Seow, JBJ, catholic social workers etc.

Arguably the PAP practiced state terrorism by using these imprisonments to scare singaporeans into repeatedly voting for them.

That's why Malaysian newspaper columnists make snide remarks about how nice it would be if Singaporeans had opinions - we are scared to have them because of such state terrorism.

Piaroh-Cze said...

i dun see e link......

Epilogos said...

Neither do I. What link are you referring to????

Onlooker said...

The great Toilet(prison) Break.Recent memory serve me right it is the second time first being Huang Na case.
Can we Feed PAPa monkeys less peanuts(NKF)?
Or the name change to PWP
This raise another question is it safe to invest in Singapore(European investor)
Kill 3 bird with one stone Conspiracy theories (baseless rant)
Cover Budget boo boo
chill foreign investment(jobs going to FT)
Inspire Peeps toward incompetent PAPa( which require them to already caught the guy and wayang that they did not know) The unknown "bogeyman". They must sacrifice a oldy boy(WKS) though for this to wotk.