Friday, February 15, 2008

Love in the air

Love was in the air yesterday, Valentine's Day. From women in fancy clothing to schoolgirls and schoolboys carrying bouquets of flowers, to the very happy flower shops that were selling fresh roses at S$10 a pop. Yes, who says there is no love on this tiny island of ours. There was evidently plenty of it. So I became a voyeuer...

I just couldn't resist taking this. The girl had such cute shoes and look at the length of her hair! They are almost touching the floor. Usually Indian ladies have such long hair, but she didn't look Indian to me. I don't know how the boyfriend, seated on the right (I presume he is the bf) handles it, along with all her other assets. Well, if you know, you don't need to tell me. My girlfriend keeps it sensibly shot and sweet.

This is a classic boy-girl scene. Boy gives girl a bouquet. Boy volunteers to hold the bouquet....

In another similar scene, boy gives girl a bouquet and has to hold the bouquet because the girlfriend prefers the sculpted balloons instead. Must be puppy love going on here.

What's up with this crowd? Well, all of them were crowding around to look at and actually buying bouquets of flowers! At S$10 a pop, these guys must really be in love! But wait, these roses look fake! They are fakes, but beautifully so. And what's more, a stalk goes for 10 cents! No, you didn't read wrongly, its 10 cents. So a bouquet of 10 'roses' will only cost you S$1. Cheap love on sale here, if you don't know where else to look for one.

And this is the enterprising lady who just cannot stop handling the the continual stream of orders for her roses. I must say, its very well done. This is a picture of a stalk above. When they are put together as a bouquet (below), it looks really nice. For those valentinos and valentinees on a budget yesterday, this would have been the perfect gift for Valentine's Day.

Original photos by epilogos

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