Thursday, September 20, 2007

Taking care of HIV

The Singapore government is making it clear through legislation that those who are in HIV high risk groups will find no excuse for engaging in 'high risk sexual behaviour', if and when charged in court. This is in response to the increased incidence of HIV positive people in Singapore. HIV has been around long enough for many to forget that it is:

1. Infectious
2. Incurable
3. Debilitating, and
4. Terminal

Sad to say, the main perpetrators are those who engage in high risk sexual behaviour such as homosexual sex and casual sex with multiple sex partners. The world can't stop such age-old behaviour, but we shouldn't encourage it either. There is a movement in Singapore to repeal Section 377(A) of the Penal Code. The government has very wisely rejected this. Let us hope that the natural instinct of self-preservation remains. Once corrupted by some fancy thinking and yearning to be as free as our 'brethren' in other lands that are more open (and misguided), we will really all be in trouble.

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