Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Master and Disciple - the Far Side of the Law

It is nothing short of irony that the follower of the NKF shenanigans, Mr Richard Yong, should end up serving a sentence 5 times the length of his boss'. Mr TT Durai had been sentenced to 3 months jail time earlier. But of course, the reason for that extra long sentence is because Mr Yong did more shenaniganing AFTER the NKF affair than before it, all of which raises doubts about the character of the man.

In particular is his attempt to spin a wholely unbelievable story about how he had to chase his wife from Singapore to Johore and all the way to Hong Kong to get back his money which he said his wife had stolen from him and planned to leave him with. Well, he should have left things be because he will now lose those money anyway and he has caused his wife to be charged with money laundering, for which she is in custody in Hong Kong. One wonders if his lawyer did not help him craft this incredible story. A lawyer is supposed to help the court clarify points of the law in favour of his client's case, not pull wool over the eyes of everyone, including the judge, by helping to spin fairy tales. But then, I am indulging in some speculation myself.

Thus of the two, it would appear that Mr TT Durai is a more responsible and honourable man. At least now he is out of the country legitimately working to pay off his debts rather than trying to liquidate everything and running away with the 'booty'.

Truly the love of money has undone Mr Richard Yong and his wife. Let us hope that both of them will find the light during the time that they is incarcerated.

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