Saturday, May 06, 2006

Symbiotic relationships

The PAP and NTUC symbiotic relationship traces back to PAP's labour roots, and the PAP Government performs many different and non-conflicting roles in labour matters...

...workers' rights can be and are well protected under the PAP and NTUC symbiotic relationship, as both institutionally-independent organisations want to improve workers' lives and create a better future for all Singaporeans. Mr John De Payva, rebutting WP stand on Labour ties with PAP, 5 May 2006

What better way to prove your point than to have the point proven for you? John De Payva, erstwhile President of the NTUC, wrote a lengthy letter to Today (5 May 2006) refuting the position of the WP on 'Looking out for Workers'. Mr De Payva trotted out the "symbiotic relationship" between the NTUC and PAP to make the point that workers' rights are being protected. This is precisely the problem. In the days when there weren't any or insignificant Opposition in Parliament, this position could conceivably hold. But it will increasingly become untenable with an increase in Opposition Representation. Any Opposition party's criticism of this symbiotic relationship, which Mr De Payva uses twice in his letter, can only be valid.

The NTUC President has confirmed in writing that NTUC == PAP. Need more be said?

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Four legs good, two legs bad.