Monday, May 29, 2006

Judges can't judge idols

Singapore Idol 2006There is much that is made of Singapore idol wannabes who cannot sing and cannot dance (which isn't important in a singing contest, right?). Well, I was watching SI theatre auditions last evening and I got the distinct feeling that the Judges can't judge. I cannot understand how Ken can dismiss several contestants by saying they can't sing. Well, in my opinion, these singers had tune, rhythm and measure. They can sing. The only thing is they probably cannot sing very well, at least not well enough to proceed to the next stage.

So if I were to bump off any of the judges, I will vote off Ken Lim. In fact, I think they should have this feature in future Singapore Idol singing contests so that judges are more fair and not pretend to be Simon for the sake of pretending. Like the remark that Ken made about some contestant singing too much like Elvis. In fact, it wasn't obvious to me that that guy sounded like Elvis Presley. But them some will argue that this will put a lid on creative criticism, whatever that means, or no criticism at all. Given the dynamics of SI, I don't think it will happen though.

There is a certain logic in mass voting, as we have seen in past events such as the GE 2006 and Idol contests. Extremes tend to be cancelled out eventually. So maybe voting out judges is a good idea. If nothing, it will help to keep pretenders away.

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