Sunday, May 08, 2011

Extreme Results

Why / Why Not
Greatest Regret
George Yeo voted out of Parliament. He was an excellent Foreign Minister and one able to empathise with the electorate.
Greatest Disappointment
Mah Bow Tan retains his seat in Parliament. He cannot empathise with the electorate. Period
MVP (Most Valuable Politician)
Nicole Seah. We want to hear more from her from now on.
MUP (Most Undeserved Politician)
Tin Pei Ling. Now an honorary Member of Parliament who said all the wrong things getting there. We want to hear what she delivers from now on - in Parliament, i.e. 
Most Exhilarating Moment
The Workers Party capturing a GRC. Let us look forward to more to come.
Most Boring Moment
The Returning Officer (Mr Yam Ah Mee) reading "Pursuant to Section...". I think he can recite it even in his sleep now, not that it is particularly nightmarish, i.e.
Most Predictable
PM Lee Hsien Loong's and DPM Teo's teams winning in the mammoth GRCs of Ang Mo Kio and Pasir Ris-Punggol

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Mr Miyagi said...

Honorary? There's nothing honorary about her election. It is unfortunately very real and actual.