Thursday, November 25, 2010

Unkindest Cut

When all is said and done, nobody, except perhaps the radicals (and I don't mean the Muslims), would disagree that Mas Selamat Kastari's (MSK) relative - his brother, sis-in-law and niece, deserve to go to jail.

Whatever is said, that perhaps sympathy and blood ties are too strong for the niece not be have done anything to help MS, she is guilty as charged. Certainly she wouldn't have wanted to turn MSK in, but to disguise a known fugitive for his escape? There is certainly more than it being a lapse of judgement. There is deliberate will and action to condone the actions of MSK (he escaped from a state prison) and sympathise with his cause. What does that make her if not a closet terrorists cut from the same clothe as MSK?

I wonder how many are still out there in Singapore, going around like normal people, perhaps even teaching in some government school in Singapore, but deep down, are just waiting for the opportunity to disrupt innocent people's lives, all in the name of religion.


Anonymous said...

In all the furore over the Sham's statement, we seem to have forgotten that we are only hearing one side of the story, the Gahmen's. What of MSK's side? Is he really what he is being made out to be? All statements are only coming from the official side. Let's be cautious. We know what happened to Francis Seow, Tan Liang Hong, JBJ. Teo Soh Lung, Vincent Cheng etc. I am still skeptical about the whole thing. Gahmen's make use of fear to rally the public to their side. Think it over, the Americans use of fear created the Iraq war. We are seeing the same propaganda applied here.

Anonymous said...

I can think of one good reason why the niece helped Mas: It is to get rid of him from her home!

How many would contact the police to come and get her own uncle? There was no trial, no evidence etc against him. There is a quantum leap somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Lim Chin Siong was labeled a communist and the government machinery made all efforts to make it the truth. Even with the relevation of the British records which indicates that there was no evidence to suggest Lim was a communist, the government sticks to its orginal claim. Tell a lie often and long enough it becomes the truth