Wednesday, October 01, 2008

The Circus and the Clown

Ferrari's President, Luca di Montezemolo, has called Singapore's F1 Grand Prix track as a circus track, and spoke of the humiliation suffered by his team in this Grand Prix event. Well, one can understand that because non of its drivers, neither Felipe Massa nor Kimi Raikkonen, scored a single point from the race. Is it a case of sour grapes, I wonder, or a case of bad sportsmanship, or both?

Well, Mr Montezemolo should remember that by characterising the Singapore F1 race and track a 'circus', it makes his drivers look like incompetent monkeys and his Ferrari team a bunch of 'goondu' gorillas who cannot refuel a car properly. Now who should take the blame for this? Yes, that 'stupid' Singapore F1 race which should never have been held at all, if Mr M had his way. But then, any race where his cars do not finish with a point is probably not worth racing in anyway, according to this sore loser and sour grapes of a man. Hey if you can't lose gracefully, then don't race at all - period. Take your prancing horse out to pasture. They'd probably be more comfortable and happy there, or the circus for that matter.

All of a sudden, I am not at all keen about team Ferrari anymore. It is highly likely that McLaren-Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton will walk away the Champion F1 driver for 2008, and I hope they take home the constructors' title too.

Singapore is not saying that everything is perfect with the track and all. Singaporeans themselves (especially those who drive to work or have businesses around the vicinity of the race tracks) are still cursing and swearing that they have been mightily inconvenienced by a 'rich man's' race and robbed of businesses over the weekend. The Singapore approach is to recognise problems for what they are - problems, try to resolve these problems and do better the next time around. You can't ask for more, can you?

If Team Ferrari shows up again next year to race, they should consider adorning their prancing horse with a ribbon or two, or something that befits a circus horse, for after all, by their boss' admission, they will be taking part in a circus.

Image source: Author: Rich DuBose


Anonymous said...

There is no harm feeling insulted by someone's comment, but I urge one to be objective. I am a citizen too, and I have watched every F1 race for the past 6 years. I too think that Singapore F1 is too much hype and no substance. I feel it is inferior to Monaca and Valencia this year. Feel free to form your own opinions but be objective. And be aware of how much is just hype.

Anonymous said...

Touche! An eye for an eye.

Mockingbird said...
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Mockingbird said...

Well said, pal.

Mr M is a sore loser and sour grapes of a man.

If he really thinks the Singapore street circuit is a circus track, then when he comes again next year, he and his team should also dress up as clowns :p

Mockingbird said...

Lewis Hamilton said the Monaco street circuit is a boring one as overtaking is virtually impossible. So when there are no accidents, the whole race is just the same cars in the same positions from beginning to end.

At least the Singapore circuit is wider than the Monaco one and overtaking is possible for a brave and gutsy racer.

Back2Nature said...

Hey, let me busy body here too :)

Just to let you know that your article has been printed on Today, 3 Oct Voices.

Lam Chun See said...
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Lam Chun See said...

Hi Epilogos. Congratulations on a well-written commentary, style-wise that is, seeing I have zero interest in F1 and thus unable to comment on your views. I like your play of the words circus horses with Ferrari's logo.

I just have one question. Did the Today newspaper ask for your permission before printing your piece in their paper? Thanks.

Epilogos said...

Hi Chun See

Today edited my blog entries and published them without informing me, nor did I solicit for publication.

My copyright notice does state that they, or anyone else, can print my material on my blog so long as there is "explicit and clear attribution" of the source. This they have done and I have no issues with them. My copyright is somewhat like Creative Commons license, but since CC has yet to pass into law in Singapore, I am applying the CC spirit here.

I am glad they did the editing though, because some paragraphs are probably better off not printed either because they are crude and/or not central to subject at hand, or represents a mental verbal deviation (whatever that is). But that's the nature of blogs - they aren't meant for publication in their entirety in mainstream media. One doesn't have to be too careful about 'proper' or formal English constructs. My day job, however, requires that so its fun to be able to 'speak' on another 'level' through my blogs.

The 'stiff upper-lip' and 'polite' speech can be so stifling at times.