Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Real Last

Our grand old dame, Singapore's National Stadium, refuses to give up its ghost of 35 years. It just wouldn't die, not when games and events continue to be hosted there after the 'Field of Dreams', billed as the last event to be held there (on 30 June 2008), has come and gone. The Stadium is still standing, and major events continue to be held there. People have been writing in to the press expressing a sense of being cheated when the National Stadium continues to be used for big events, such as the Olympic Qualifier soccer match between Singapore and Saudi Arabia on 14 June 2008. And yes, we cannot trust our sports official when they say anything regarding the use of the National Stadium because contrary to their statements, another major event (for which they are charging $60 entrance fee - to a condemned building) - the hosting of the Brazilian soccer team who are on their way to Beijing for the Olympic games - is going to be held there on 28 July 2008 (next Monday).

It would appear that our sports officials will kow-tow to the IOC, or whoever made the request, instead of keeping to their words. That when Ronaldinho and Robinho comes, integrity is not that important. They do not believe in the saying, "A man's word is his bond". No, not when you go gaga over a has-been and a still-to-be (heard that Real Madrid wants to offload Robinho). It isn't as if Cristiano Ronaldo is coming, for heaven's sake! Or for that matter, David Beckham. (Well, of course there still are seasoned players like Kaka, Cafu and Adriano).

Singapore sports like to live in the past, and perhaps this is THE problem after all. It hasn't gain significant honours in the past, it is constantly reminiscing about the past. Well, ok, we are going to host the YOG come 2010, but the results remain to be seen.

In the meantime, it would do well for the sport officials to regain their integrity. If they intend to do something, and say they intend to do so, then they must DO IT. If not, they should keep their mouths shut. Nobody forced them to declare a last night at the grand old sports dame that is the National Stadium.

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Tew Nia Seng said...

In the first place, why tear down the stadium,the govt got nothing better to do, most of the historical buildings are gone, spore does not have an identity!!

FlyAway said...

The grand master plan.

Tear down the old and replace with new. Impress the world.
Replace migrating Singaporeans with foreigners. ratio is 1 for 2.
Change the concept of country to corporation. Secret to making more money. USA can learn from this.

At this rate, Singaporeans will lose their identity. How true !

Anonymous said...

Compared to the below, they should be commended for milking the old cash cow :)

The AGO report singled out several state-owned buildings that were left vacant for several years, resulting in foregone rental revenue running into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Anonymous said...

You've got a point there. The Gov should milk the condemned building for money so long as it remains structurally sound. Only, they are milking MY money.

Couldn't the gov consider free entry for its citizens who are struggling with record inflation? But of course, that is not our gov's style.