Monday, May 19, 2008

Gone with the sex

There are 3 things that sells anywhere. And I am not referring to the Internet media only. Traditional print media have become print empires because of it. VCD/DVD (and I suppose, now, High-Definition Discs (HDD) such as Blue Ray) are full of them. And of course, there are the 'live' acts in places that permit them. What am I referring to? Its sex, sex and sex, yep, triple-x, xxx.

Now, don't change URL just yet. This blog is not going down that road (although it could possibly 'earn more' in terms of unique visitors and hit rates). There are some blogs which support their authors precisely because of such content, or something that comes close. No no, this is a prim and proper place for adults and kids. But on to the story.

I read yesterday that the Miss Singapore/Universe event no longer interests TV viewers and therefore sponsorship has shrunk. So much so that Mediacorp, the only broadcast media in Singapore, is not willing to have a 'live' broadcast' of the event this year. I am sure many are disappointed, for what is more entertaining that looking at beautiful women in all their glory on TV. And we are not talking about 1 or 2 of them, but a bevy of beauties arrayed on TV (if it is broadcast) for one to ogle at or to judge or to simply enjoy. There is certainly no shortage of contestants, women who aspire to the title of the 'Most Beautiful Woman' in Singapore, and possibly the world, when they move on to Vietnam later in the year for the World Beauty title.

Why are Singaporeans not interested in Miss Singapore/Universe anymore? I am no authority on this as I do not watch the show. Never have, never will. But, surely, I am not representative of the crowd. If scores of Singaporean's want to be tickled pink with the comedy that go on TV in the 8pm slot, or soapy tragedy, whichever their taste, I am sure they would want to be tickled red too watching bikini-clad women strut their stuff on TV. Well, OK, MSU is probably not family oriented entertainment and it would not be allowed to be shown on the 8pm slot, but people do stay up for American Idol at 10pm, don't they? (Which calls to mind that Singapore Idol has had a long hiatus). It would appear that the new generation of web-crazed Singaporeans are turned off by beautiful women on TV even as they turn on to the other Universe - the World-wide-web - to get their daily shot of whatever they do on the net. Maybe the solution for organisers of the Singapore MSU is to join the crowd on the Internet and give Mediacorp a miss. It is probably far cheaper to have the MSU hosted on the Internet than on Mediacorp, and a lot more in terms of audience participation can be achieved.

Right now, though, it is still looking at old world media, probably because the International Licensers still find traditional old world media the best in racking in the money. Only in Singapore, people have other priorities? Singaporean are amazing! Perhaps Rouge's host can come out to say something about this in her weekly programme?

Image source: Author: Michelle Kwajafa

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