Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Themed Bus

I got on that Nokia-themed SBStransit bus again for only the second time last Friday. This time I made the effort to take some pictures of the inside of the bus - just for keeps sake. Since this whole bus is an advertisement, it will revert to the standard look and seats one day. Since the last time I was on this bus, the interior now looked a bit worn down. Some of the pictures are blurred because I was on a moving bus, but I did manage to shoot two which were focused. Of course, these photos were captured through my camera phone.

Front of the bus, where the driver is. The 'Mobile TV' is not in use and the frame looks like it is falling apart.

Interior of the bus. Notice the white 'bar-counter' stool in the foreground (there are two of these), the shell-seats at the back (the pony-tailed girl in school uniform is sitting on one of them) and the long white cushioned benches on both sides of the aisle.

Interior of the bus. Notice the red-carpeted roof.

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