Saturday, December 01, 2007

Gone to the dogs

The country has been talking dogs, some for, some against and, I suppose, many cannot be bothered. I fell into the 3rd category, until yesterday, when, upon stepping into the lift in my apartment block, I noticed dog shit on the floor of the lift. It didn't smell or anything, probably because it had been there some time. The lift user just had to be careful not to step on it.

I was angry. Now who was that irresponsible owner who didn't bother to clean up after the dog? I have nothing against dogs. I once saw an Alsatian in the lift with its owner. In spite of its size, it look timidly at me. There was everything to like about that marvellous creature, which was half the size of its owner. It was on a leash, but it was not muzzled. I thought that was the law. In any case, it didn't bother me. They are man's best friend, and they should be allowed some freedom instead of being leashed and muzzled all the time.

But not every person is like me and not everyone dog owner is irresponsible. I must clarify that I do not own a dog, or for that matter, any other non-human creature. Some feel intimidated by these creatures. At the end of the day, it isn't the dogs that we should have issue with (except those are are openly aggressive), it is the owners who do not know how best to take their pets in hand. To these owners I say, 'give up your pets' because you do not know how to love your pets enough.

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