Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Funny people

The world is still not ready to accept 'funny' people, you know, those people who like their own kind and have relationships with one another? Not even royalty, it seems, or one with an OBE. Although the erstwhile CEO of BP did not resign because of his relationship with a gay, it pretty much started the, ahem, ball rolling.

Well, here in Singapore, a senior political leader, one who had been known for his strict opposition to same sex relationships, has consulted some doctors and come to the conclusion that he had been wrong all along. We need creative people, so we need the homosexuals in our society. I do not know what difference it makes that they are not already secretly homosexuals as against 'coming out' into the open. Would this openness herald an era of unmatched creativity that is outside of the ability of people who are 'straight' in their relationships? How many of the inventors and innovators in history are gay? I am sure there are some, but do they make up the majority? What kinds of creativty do gays dominate in? Have they enriched society in a lasting manner, or has it been merely fleeting?

Well, I don't have the answer to my questions, but one thing I can say it, I don't hate the homosexuals but I certainly do not condone their behaviour (remember how AIDs came about). They will be there whether we like it or not, just not in the open because it may be against the law, as in Singapore. Even if there were no law against homosexuality, gays will still feel the need not to publicise their relationships and sexual preferences.

There was a recent public forum on the topic, with a government official/PAP politician, an NMP, a former Anglican Bishop and a gay rights activist weighing in on the issue of repealing the Singapore law that makes homosexuality a crime. Not surprisingly, a majority of those present, including the government official/PAP politician on the panel stated that they will put their vote to repealing the law, if possible. It looked like he was playing up to the gallery. Well, the only thing I have to say is, "Be careful what you ask for".

Will we be acting like the ostrich which puts its head in the sand so as to pretend that something doesn't exist? Probably, but I see no need to give license to these people to display such behaviour in public. Consider - if they did it in a strict Muslim society, they might be castrated - and this would be the least of their worries...

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Sleepless in Singapore said...

The politicians and the bishops can say what they want. I know what the creator of mankind says hasn't changed one bit.

We are living in the 'days of Lot'.