Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sands of Time

The Neptune Theatre Restaurant was closed last December. Now it is being demolished. A multi-storey building will probably take its place. In time, this new building will take away the breath-taking view from the building that these pictures were taken from.

Clifford Pier remains untouched. It is considered historical and will therefore be preserved. Thankfully, some people on this island do value our past, if only to milk money from it eventually as a tourist showpiece.

Don't blame my cynicism. A long time ago, many bemoaned the demolition of the iconic National Theatre. Some are still smarting from the demolition of the National Library, making the point recently that the tunnel that was the reason for it demise just isn't worth it. The building is gone and the tunnel is already in operation. In retrospect, many are (still) saying that exchanging a building where people applied their minds and hearts just couldn't compare to a hole in the hills where people applied their accelerators.

Hopefully this mass of concrete will yield something more useful.


Lam Chun See said...

What do you explect from govt that want to measure everything in terms of money. Even want to measure how much housewife is worth.

Anonymous said...

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