Sunday, January 14, 2007

The staunching of the dirt

Surprisingly, Mr TT Durai decided to throw in the towel of public scrutiny after just 1 and a half day's of the prosecutor laying out all the dirt that was dug up in 8 months of investigative work, including computer forensics. While much of the dirt wasn't all that new (well, dirt is never new anyway), some of it having been aired during TTD's suite against SPH back in 2005, the depth of it was, I suppose, just too much for TTD to bear. Actually, I think he is smarter this time around by cutting his losses and running. He probably figured that he has better things to do than to sit down in Court and have dirt thrown at him.

That leaves his cronies to defend themselves, which may be more interesting to most since much of what we are hearing is new to many, including myself. One lesson that has already come out of this is that sitting on the Board of any organisation is a very heavy responsibility. Just look at the sheer number of lawyers representing these various (former) board members (which reads like a Who's Who in Singapore) in Court who may or may not have been responsible for the mess at the old NKF.

The next time I get invited to take a board seat, I'd think twice, no, better make that thrice.

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