Saturday, September 16, 2006

Customer must be majestic

Abuse - is the received wisdom of retailers, or anybody in the service industry. The customer must always be right even if he/she is wrong. So it was a shock to read (in the Straits Times) that the owners and chef of Le Petit Restaurant up in Thomson Road actually threw out one of its diners for causing a commotion in the restaurant.

I say, to **** with that received wisdom. Diners, indeed any customer, can be king or queen as the case may be, if their behaviour is kingly, which may include being very demanding. But once the king becomes abusive, then all courtesy can be thrown out of the window, together with the king/customer. The restaurant in questions has now gained a unwelcomed notoriety which inevitably will cost it in terms of patronage. But I suspect that many discerning diners may feel that the customer in question was in the wrong and the management of the restaurant did the right thing by ejecting the customer. If I were dining at that restaurant that day, and my dinner was being spoilt by the commotion that this woman was causing, I would be grateful if somebody took action to restore order and let me dine in peace and quiet.

3 cheers to the owners and chef of this restaurant who, no doubt, were thinking of the rest of its customers.

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