Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Cat in the Bag

Cat out of the Bag - last, the cat is out of the bag. The true object of the ongoing feud between Dr Mahathir and the Abdullah Badawi (AB) government is in fact Singapore, or to be exact, the Singapore-Johor Causeway. Dr M now says that everything will be taken off the table if AB will restore the original plan to replace the current Causeway with the so-called 'Scenic Bridge' - which really looks quite crooked from artist impressions. All this while Dr M has been engaged in the Indonesian art of shadow boxing, and wasted a lot of time and newsprint.

He has finally revealed his true intentions. This man just wouldn't go to his grave without a monument to his name. And ironically, he wants that monument to be a crooked and incomplete structure that represents everything that is wrong between Malaysia and Singapore in the past! Incredible! I'd rather not be remembered by a half-completed bridge that points to my FAILURE to get a full bridge. I'd rather not be remembered by a structure that tells volumes of the enmity I had with someone or some party or some country. I'd rather not have a half-completed bridge that testifies to blatant violations of international law and treaty. I'd rather not have a half-completed bridge at all! It is ironic that he would be the second person to want to blow up the Causeway. The first to do it was the invading Imperial Japanese army some 54-odd years ago. Does Dr M share something in common with the Emperor's Army?

One cannot begin to fathom the mind of this megalomaniac, with the kind of company that he seems to want to keep. Its a great pity seeing him destroy his own legacy in government over a crooked bridge. AB doesn't have to do much. He can stand at the sidelines and see his predecessor self-destruct. Shedding a tear or two is optional.

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