Sunday, July 23, 2006


Free enterprise - me be frank. People who obtained free National Day Parade (NDP) tickets should be free to sell them. There is nothing wrong about it and should they turn a profit from it, that's their gain through their enterprise. Sure, some would say that it is a riskless enterprise, but then, some enterprises are riskless, though not long lasting nor self-propagating in the long run. A person is duly rewarded when he is quick enough to identify an opportunity, learns how to use a service such as eBay and takes the necessary action to cash in on the opportunity. Do you think learning how to use eBay is costless? The time and trouble learning to use eBay should be rewarded.

Sure, some would still begrudge such blatant profiteering. Many would see this as socially irresponsible, selfish and ethically questionable. But we queue up to buy that TV going for a special promotion of $1 at Courts, we pick up free giveaways just because we were at that special event at the Mall that day, and we win a car just because it was our day, so why not give somebody a chance to attend the final NDP to be held at the National Stadium? If there is a willing buyer and a willing seller, who is to make a value judgement that that transation is immoral? After all, isn't the current buzzword one of being entrepreneurial? Some people would rather pay somebody else to secure those tickets, thereby saving himself a lot of hassle putting in an application and getting 'lucky' in the process. Luck and inconvenience can be bought. So the money exchanged is not so much for the ticket per se, but for the convenience and certainty, which is directly proportional to the quantum of money offered.

I know that this opinion is not going to be popular among many, but I think it is reasonable. So go ahead, trade in your NDP ticket, while you can, before the powers that be decide to put a stop to such entrepreurial spirit.


Heavenly Sword said...

The tickets are priceless... ;)

Epilogos said...

The market decides...;-)