Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Saved by the movies

Saved by the movies - Saturday, 3rd June 2006, I failed to do something that I had always been able to do all these years - attend the PC Show. You see, I was working last Saturday, I had to work, which I normally needn't - exigencies of service and all that. So when I got off, it was already 3.15pm. Still time to spare, right, given that the Show didn't end until 9pm. So I made my way down to Suntec City, and in the process, lined up to cross the Bridge which escalator was not working...grrrr..

Finally, when I did get into Suntec City, an electronic signboard advised that I should come back 1 hour later as the exhibition halls at levels 6 and 8 were at full capacity. Now, I thought that that happened to car parks only. Sheesh. Having experienced geeky crowds before, I headed straight for the Suntec City bus stop and took a bus home - without waiting for that 1 hour. What a waste of my time! But it was good exercise, though! My legs were aching so I thought I'd sleep early that night, given that I had had to work that day and I had made a round trip to Suntec City. But no, I slept well after midnight. I was up watching John Q on MediaCorp Channel 5, which turned out to be an absorbing drama of a father's effort to save his child who had a defective heart. Its that age-old plot about the poor battling a soul-less hospital that wanted to see the money before it would save a life. This father was played by a favourite actor of mine - Denzel Washington. He sure can carry a plot and pile in the drama. Great movie!

Well, in a day of work and disappointment, Denzel Washington saved my day.

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