Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Singapore Life and Times

I am starting this blog to focus on issues and events that has all to do with Singapore. Often, the things I write about are rather parochial - a natural thing for any journal - which perhaps appeals only to Singaporeans or people familiar with the local environment. My experience with blogging has shown me that more people outside of Singapore reach my blogs than those on this island I live on. I suspect that many a times, some visitors may not know what I am writing about because they lack the context and also because of the local references that I make and assume readers will understand and appreciate them.

So this blog is explicitly about life and experiences in Singapore, but I will try to point readers who are otherwise not Singaporeans, or live far from this part of the world, to links and resources that will help them learn more about this island state.

Actually, to start knowing about Singapore, there is no better website to visit than here.

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