Thursday, June 20, 2013

Cry the beloved country

If my child's health is at risk, then can you blame me if I cry for him to be relieved of his suffering and regain his health? Apparently, Indonesian Minister Agung Laksono doesn't care a hoot. Instead he is calling us names, that we are a nation of cry babies which cannot put up with some smoke.

I say let's gas his house where his family lives in and then we shall see who the cry baby is. It is precisely because Singaporeans care that we have made every effort, albeit often more than necessary, to keep our environment clean and green. Environmentally, Singapore is probably way ahead of many cities in terms of liveability, more so than even Jakarta, where, I assume that Laksono makes his home. But that really explains it all. If he doesn't care about his own back yard, why would he care about his neighbour's?

I hear that many Indonesians come to over to Singapore to be treated for their illnesses. There are reasons for this, but Laksono either does not care or he is ignorant. Next time if he ever wants to come to Singapore to seek medical treatment, he can line up last, after the many crying babies that need our care and concern more.

Laksono, go suck eggs.

P.S. What does "go suck eggs" mean? Here are some choice opinions, and I agree with every one of them:

"I believe that the phrase comes from noticing animals who will sneak up to a nest and suck the contents out of an egg. So you're relating the person you're talking to to a thief and baby-killer".

"Suck an egg" was a very handy insult when I was in elementary school because it directly translates into Finnish as "ime munaa", which means "suck [my] dick", so it was a way to insult classmates without the (English, American, Canadian etc.) teachers catching on to the severity of the phrase.

When I was growing up in New Orleans in the 70's, "go suck an egg" basically meant "fuck off."

"Go suck an egg" (American) - a general go-away type of insult.

"Teaching your grandmother to suck eggs" (British) - meaning to presume to instruct someone actually more knowledgeable than yourself.

I always just thought it meant they'd do disgusting stuff. I had a grandmother who could occasionally be persuaded to suck an egg, to the horror and delight of her pleading grandchildren. She'd poke a hole in each end, suck out and swallow the contents. We'd all squeal and clap and shout at her how repulsive that was, and she would beam with delight.

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Nation of smokers

You think the day would never come. But Singapore is now a nation of smokers. How can anyone avoid it when the PSI, as of 20 June 2013, 3pm, is reading 355. This is rated as Hazardous to people on the island. To put it starkly, the air has become poisonous. Even our army boys are not allowed to go out in the open for exercises.

I wonder too if the environment is hazardous to yesterday's bug bear - the dengue-bearing mosquitos. If it is, then there is possibly a silver lining in the current hazy situation in Singapore. In one fell-swop, our dengue problem may likely have been resolved, but at great cost. It has put people's lives in danger and would virtually halt all outdoor activities, much like in the days of SARS, when, I remember, the streets were void of human existence.

And I wouldn't bet on this going away soon despite the best effort of the Singapore government. Do you even think that the central government in Jakarta hold sway over the farmers in Sumatra who have been doing this for years? They didn't listen last year, nor the year before, nor any time within our collective memory.

I hear that face masks are flying off the shelves. I probably should get some here in case the masks are out of stock when I return. that is something I am not looking forward to.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Home away from haze

Singapore's PSI read 290 this evening (Wednesday), the highest it has ever been. And here I am, sitting in a hotel in Penang, away from it all but constantly receiving reports from various people and news sources that has me worried.. And truth be told, the sky is as clear as day here. The only problem is the heat. But compared to what I am reading about the hazy situation in Singapore, that's an immense blessing. I am not due home yet, but already I might to have extend my stay here. I hope not coz school restarts next week and my son needs to be in school. But then again, if this condition persists, could the government announce the closure of schools?

Thursday, June 06, 2013


The day my blog blacked out in support of FreeMyInternet.

This means that I am against the MDA ruling to require Singapore news websites with 50,000 unique hits a month over two month to be individually licensed and post a performance bond of S$50,000.

Be careful folks, the paths get slippery here if we stand for this thoughtless and certainly unpopular ruling. But then the PAP government always prides itself on making and imposing unpopular policies, whether they are inane or not.

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